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When it's time to upgrade an old door or do some interior work,
here are a few tips:


Take a minute to look at what you have.

Once we get your requirements on paper, estimates are always free.

Be sure to measure your doors and windows (roughly) just to take some of the guesswork out of the showroom discussion.

Bring a photo if possible. On new construction, make a door schedule.

Hardware and Hinges can be coordinated with your door list.

Ask yourself who will paint and install.

Retrofits are always more involved than new construction.

95% of all door problems occur at the installation level. We are experts at even the most complicated installations.

Lead times vary but basic stock products take one week.

Installation: Add 3-4 weeks.

Finishing: Add 2 weeks.

High end custom: 8-12 weeks.

Most customers underestimate lead times. Don't forget, doors often affect other parts of construction. Most door contracts include 6-10 line items; we won't miss the details.

A visit to the showroom is the best education.
We hope to hear from you.
Call for directions and hours of NJDC.

We specialize in making homes beautiful.

Stephen Huebner, President    



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